Fashion / 10.03.2018

We're claiming March 10th as our birthday being that my birthday is the 9th and Patrice's is the 11th. Happy early birthday to my first love, Patrice! I'm currently on the east coast getting ready for bed but I just wanted to share these eerie birthday shoot pics before her special day. Talk to ya'll in the next post! 

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Fashion / 03.04.2018

Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy. This is physics. -Albert Einstein 
Home Decor, Lifestyle / 24.03.2018

Figuring out how to design our apartment living space without it being crowded proved to be quite the task. I always knew I wanted to incorporate velvet seating into the space so I spent months browsing the internet to no avail. All of the velvet beauties were either too expensive and too large or the wrong color. I could tell the Hubs was getting restless when he kept asking "did you find our couch yet?" That was the one piece of furniture he needed for him to feel at home so I knew I had to find one that worked for us soon or cave in. Within a week or so I came across this curbside loveseat which the owners were getting rid of for FREE!
Fashion / 18.03.2018

This has been a strange year inspiration wise. Most days I feel like I should be doing more and that I have all this creativity yet to be tapped into. I'm bored, feel stagnant and ready for a change. Lately I haven't been able to shake the feeling something huge is right around the corner and honestly I don't want to doubt it. This anticipation for whatever is about to happen feels good. I can't wait to update you!
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