Fashion / 28.01.2018

For that one week SoCal decided to grace us with Semi- winter weather, Patrice and I decided to shoot these looks for the blog before heading out to watch our Dad perform. Patrice kept her bubble vest Boho by pairing it with playful sleeves, flared pants and flowers in her hair. I went for simple and chic by cinching my bubble jacket with a belt, pairing it with velvet booties and...

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Fashion / 01.02.2018

I look at these photos and am reminded of what blogging meant for me before I knew anything about the significance of hashtags, growing Instagram numbers or sponsorships. These aren't old photos but they were taken after some hard wrestling with myself over whether or not I'm living my truth. Blogging intially enticed me because it provided a space for untapped creativity. Everyday individuals like you and I could now have a corner of the internet to be whoever and whatever we are and build communities from that. Personally, this was in part a space for sharing my affinity for pairing vintage and thrift finds with newer clothing. Some of my best pieces are vintage and were a considerable part of this blog until someone commenting something along the lines of "why even have a blog when we can't even buy most of your pieces."
#BlotsTieTheKnot, Food & Health, Lifestyle, Travel / 17.01.2018

We're already 3 weeks into 2018 and I've gotten a few messages inquiring about this post. Thank you for all of the love and interest we received on our honeymoon and thank you for holding me accountable! Indonesia is seriously breathtaking and such an affordable trip to travel to and we hope these blogposts help you navigate Bali a little easier when you go. If you post pictures of any of the places I suggested, please tag us we'd love to see and stalk your instastories to live this trip all over again! Without further ado, here is the final post covering details of our trip!
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