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Fashion / 20.10.2017

I must apologize because I've been sitting on photos for the blog forever. Honestly, my brain power has been little to none as of lately and I've been playing catch up with my work/school/wedding to do list so slowing down for some creative personal time has been non-existent. Even as I write this, I'm thinking of all the things I need to do today and I've been feeling like that's unfair to this space. I want to offer up the best of me and write content that is meaningful to you, not just post pretty pictures but here I am creating a draft because it's been too long. Next week, I'm going to pencil in time specifically for blogging so I can start feeling connected again. What do ya'll do to slow down when life is going fast?  
#BlotsTieTheKnot, Events / 19.10.2017

Thaina: Hey lovelies! Originally, I had intended to cover this post of my bridal shower but the reality is it was thrown for me but I had very little to do with it. I literally just showed up! My amazing sister was behind it all and I was so impressed that I asked her to write this post. Partly because I wanted to read all about her inspiration for this amazingness! Happy Reading!

Patrice: So as you all may know Thaina is getting married November 5th, 2017. If you know Thai, you know she enjoys activities. Also we're really big on quality time and  having a good time. (Hence BOHO BASH). This weekend was her bridal shower and I was able to happily execute #MrsBlotBOHObash. I've received so much positive feedback and questions, therefore I decided to create this post to inform you of the process. Continue reading for the step by step.

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