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Welcome back to another scoop to a dope artist that everyone needs to hear about. The first time I heard about Jason Sellers was when I attended Oakwood University. Literally everyone on campus was raving about the 911 reporters. I was never a school spirit type of gal so I didn’t attend any events to hear much of their music but somehow Jason stood out in my memory.  Fast forward a few years,  his commitment to his passion and love for music still remains. Let’s get to know a little more about the artist behind the sound. 

About you?

– I was born and raised in MD, the middle child of three boys. I started playing piano at 6 and writing and preforming music with my brothers around 12, since then there has never been a time in my life, where I haven’t been apart of some musical group. In college I was apart of a band called “The 9-1-1 Reporters” and when things starting slowing down with us I decided to produce a few songs. Those songs ended up turning into the echelon the seeker EP.


What/who inspired you to create?

– I believe when I first started creating music it was a type of reactionary response, I’d be upset so I’d go write, I’d be feeling frustrated so I’d write. My inspiration was coming from the need to express an emotion. As I’ve gotten older, I realize I’m inspired through a motivation to share and learn. We are surrounded by things that spark different emotions, there is always something to react to. Although creating from a emotional place can be rewarding it is also very draining.
 What/who inspired your favorite single?
– It’s really impossible for me to pick my favorite single from the EP, each one of those tracks occupies a separate and special place for me. But what I will say is that based on our live performances right now, my favorite is Vesuvius. When we play that one live sometimes I wanna let it go on for 30mins and just go home.
Who are some artists that you look up to?
– Man…where do I start. There are so many. My Friends of course! MA, Twinjude, Tonykill, April&Vista to name a few…Frank, Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Leonard Bernstein, Jaco, Nikki & The Dove, KING, Chick Corea, Cory Henry, anyone from the 80s basically, Nina Simone, Pink Floyd, Queen, Billy Joel, Jai Paul, James Blake, Anderson Paak and of course 50cent.
How would you define a good session?
– I think the best sessions occur when I go into the studio prepared with a clear vision as to what I wanted to execute. It’s also important to go with an open mind to different moments , when i can use spontaneity as a tool. That’s when the spark happens in the studio for me.
Do you perform in public? Describe your first experience.
– I’ve been preforming for awhile now. My father had a rule when my brothers and I started learning music he said, “anytime someone rings the doorbell you guys gotta play”. So every time the bell rang we played. I can’t remember my first performance exactly but it very well may have been in front of the mailman.
Where can we subscribe to your work?
– You can find my music on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify, and I’m always dropping musical musings on my instagram, twitter, and SoundCloud @echelonseeks
What advice would you give to any upcoming musicians?
– I believe every artist is a truth bearer to their generation. Musicians, artists, anyone who creates are supposed to bear witness to the happenings around them and personify them in their art. My advice to artists is to strive to spread light. It’s not enough to make people feel good anymore we gotta help people to be good and do good.
Thanks for stopping by and choosing to know a little more about the artist behind the sound! xoxo- Patrice.
“Music is an outburst of the soul.”
― Frederick Delius
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