#BlotsinBali- Where we went

Hey lovelies! You may want to grab a snack because this is a long one- an itinerary of sorts of where we went on our honeymoon.

Day 1- Settling in.

We flew into Denpasar and got a 40 minute ride to our first airbnb in Canggu. I’ll never forget the initial shock from realizing how hot it was. We took our honeymoon during rainy season so we were expecting it to be a cooler high 70’s- low 80’s but when we arrived it had not rained for the season yet and it was as sticky as New Jersey in July. Denpasar was bustling with colors, foreign sounds, smells and people driving on the right (but wrong hehe) side of the road so we were immediately stimulated. We were disillusioned to think we could get much done after being in the air for so long so all we ended up doing was renting a motorbike and looked for authentic Balinese food (it was yummy and suuuupppeerrr cheap), people watched for a bit, took a swim and went to sleep.

Day 2-  Old Man’s Beach & Tanah Lot Temple

The time change got the best of me for the more than half the trip I’d fall asleep around 7pm and wake up by 2am and lay in bed until the Hubbs woke up around 7 am. This is when the (very loose) planning would take place. I’m a huge fan of smoothie and acai bowls and I remembered seeing bowls on @baliboatshed Instagram page (which we didn’t get to visit) so I googled and perused Pinterest under something like “where to get acai bowls in Canggu) until I found something I liked. The internet was quite limited throughout the trip and I didn’t have access to my trusted apps Yelp for reviews and Waze for directions so we used google maps. I was awake but my body was still tired so I figured we’d take another relaxing day, I plugged beach into google maps and learned of Old Man’s beach and that it would take 15 minutes by motorbike to get to the Beach from the acai spot, Peloton’s Supershop. When Sam woke up, I suggested the day to him, he agreed and we moved. That’s pretty much how every morning went! If you were following our trip via instastories you’d know that  I saw a hip looking barber shop on the way to breakfast. By the time we finished eating I told Sam I HAD TO buzz my hair off so we went to the shop, I was freed and ready to honeymoon and we spent afternoon playing in the hot sand and warm water at Old Man’s Beach. While we were there we were told that Tanah Lot Temple was near by so our last stop of the day was visiting the temple on the water. The Temple was less than $5 per person to visit which was a steal in my opinion because up until that point the sunset over the water was the most beautiful I’ve ever witnessed and the water was the clearest I’ve ever seen.

Day 3- Luwak Coffee, Crispy Duck and Move to Ubud

I knew we were moving to Ubud so I didn’t want to plan anything for the day until we got there so I could be sure of distance accuracy but our driver picked us up and planned the morning for us. He suggested we stop for luwak coffee, crispy duck and the jewelry center of Ubud and we agreed. Lovely experiences but if you’re on a budget, I suggest you do your research on where you want to experience things because I’m pretty sure he brought us to the most expensive restaurant that sells Crispy Duck. The most valuable of these three to us was the luwak coffee visit. It came with a tour that was 50,000 idr (r0ughly $4) person but if you bought tea or coffee the fee was waived. I loved being able to see luwaks up close and that Sam and I got to mill some coffee beans ourselves and the coffee tastes great!

Day 4- Ubud Market

We woke up and headed on our 5 minute walk to the infamous Ubud market after having breakfast bed. We spent quite some time visiting all of the vendors and watching people barter because we weren’t bold enough to barter ourselves. I had a mission to get sarongs because we were to visit Uluwatu Temple and watch the fire dancers perform that evening. We found a sarong vendor and met our first kinda sorta experience with bartering. The vendor had quoted us 500,000 idr for two sarongs but we couldn’t come to terms with spending $40 on two sarongs as we were walking away she dropped her price to 200,000 so we bought them since we needed them to enter that temple anyway. As we were leaving, the first downpour of rainy season happened and lasted the rest of the day so we stayed in and took pictures instead haha.

Day 5- Blogger Meet up and Monkey Forest

The best part about blogging hands down is having the opportunity to connect with so many amazing individuals you’d only meet through blogging. It just so happened that a mutual follower of @simplycyn and myself brought to our attention that we were both in Bali, so Sam and I met up with her and her hubby for a late lunch. It was nice to have a familiar presence so far away from home and have conversations about new experiences with. After lunch Sam and I spent the afternoon running from, taking pictures of and feeding monkeys in the Monkey Forest. Entry was 10,000 idr per person (less than $1) which is ridiculously cheap. They had bananas for sale but deeper into the forest there were individuals passing out peanuts to visitors to feed them. After the initial shock of there being no barrier between humans and monkeys, it was pretty cool. The waterfalls in the forest were picturesque but crowded with people so we didn’t get any cool shots of them.

Day 6-  Dance, Dance

I finally woke up at a decent time and didn’t make any plans for the day. We ended up perusing the shops on monkey forest road, visiting the streets in Ubud that were filled with art and murals, eating at a few places, getting some work done at a coffee shop and getting dressed for our first evening out. We had our first fancy dinner and went to a night club which was so pahhhppinn it ended at 11 pm and it didn’t even matter. I swear to you it felt like a scene out of Rihanna’s “wild thoughts” or better yet the club scenes in tropical settings from bad ass movies like 007.  Forgive me for not remembering the name of the club but it was a colorful building of hispanic persuasion on Monkey Forest Road.

Day 7- Shopping and Yoga

Being that we hadn’t seen one laundromat as of yet and finding underwear to purchase in Ubud proved to be quite difficult, Sam and I rented a motorbike for the day and took an hour and a half trip to a westernized mall called Mal Bali Galleria in Kuta so that we could hit up an H&M. Don’t judge us! We got lost and made it back in two hours to catch a class at the Yoga Barn. We learned that the Australians who frequent Bali (like every weekend) go for two reasons; to surf and do yoga at the yoga barn. What we didn’t know is that Yogis from all over the world visit Bali for this retreat, they literally have their own community in Bali. They have their own dormitories, guest houses, restaurants, shop, holistic healers, masseuses, Ayurvedic treatments, any and every type of yoga class on this campus surrounded by trees and water. It’s absolutely beautiful and I can confidently say that your $10 spent is traded for the most tranquil yoga experience of your life. Learn more about it here.

Day 8- Tegallalang Rice Terrace

We motorbiked to trek to the rice fields in Tegallalang which honestly was more of a death hike. It was blazing hot, I wore a little red dress and sandals and there was not much footing for the path. We literally went through the wilderness to see these stunning rice fields but it was as painful as beautiful. Our fault though, there was a visitor route we could’ve taken that was much shorter and paved but we were feeling adventurous. I must’ve gotten at least 30 mosquito bites on this trek- didn’t stop us from taking pictures though! After the trek there was a booth to accept donations to enter the fields and another donation stop on the route. I’d say prepare 2,000 idr (like 10 cents) and above for each stop and bring money for fresh juice (a couple bucks). They have fresh squeezed (name your fruit) and they are divine!

Day 9- Nusa Lembongan

My deepest regret on this trip is that we didn’t book a place to stay on this slice of paradise overnight. It cost us 800,000 idr (around $50) for the two of us to take a boat from the beach in Sanur to Nusa Lembongan. It was a 30 minute ride to be transported to what I imagine the Maldives (on our list) may look like. It’s a vacation from your Bali vacation! There’s really nothing I can say that would have you understand how blessed this land is. Go. Go to Dream Beach and the Devil’s Tears Bay and experience it for yourself. You won’t regret it!

Day 10-  Bali Swing and Tegenungan Waterfall

I remembered seeing a bunch of awesome photos of girls on this crazy swing in the jungle and learned that they were taken at an airbnb called Zen Hideaway. You could either stay there and ride free our visit and pay an entry fee of 300,000 idr (approx. $23 pp) for 30 minutes. We heard Bali Swing had a similar experience but could get crowded and you could only swing back and forth 2-3 times but we decided to give it a shot. After seeing bali swing in person and almost peeing on myself from fear, we spotted a cute nest to take pictures in instead. Little did we know that the picture would go viral!

We almost didn’t visit this waterfall because we meet some travelers who said it was overrated but it was beautiful to us! It’s possible that its beauty is shy in comparison to others in Bali but we didn’t get a chance to visit the others. Bali is one of those places that just keeps giving. We could’ve stayed 2 months and not run out of sights to see but I’m happy to go back to learn more. I should warn you to prepare to be met with 162 stairs before approaching the falls but its worth it.

 Day 11- Water Palace, Bat Cave & Pura Lempuyang Temple

Being that we had moved to Denpasar to be closer to the airport everything we wanted to see was 2 hours away so we hired a driver for the day (about $45) and entry for each place was around $2. The water palace was a cool experience, the highlight was a koi pond with octagons those rose the the top of the water so visitors could hop over and feed the fish. You could also tell people were respectful of the Palace’s history as it was so quiet and peaceful. The Bat Cave was eerily creepy and the only experience I felt we could’ve missed. The sounds of all the bats was unbearable. Pura Lempuyang Temple was as majestic as I had imagined. I loved all of the rituals and the respect for the sacred spaces that Hindu people carry. Witnessing that was an eye opening experience.

Day 12 and 13- Unwind

These days were spent eating at different restaurants, swimming and relaxing before our 2 day trip back to the states. Although there was so much more to see, we found value in slowing down just to be and transition back to being met with everything living in the states comes with. See ya’ll in my next post!

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