Beauty / 12.01.2017

*SPONSORED* All thoughts are my own. First, let me start off by saying these products indeed smell heavenly.  Thai and I were sent these products by our dear friend's mother who started her very own skin care line...

Beauty, Fashion / 23.02.2016

TM (45)Less than a year ago I was extremely insecure about the brown speck in my eye, the burn scar left of my waistline, I'd squirm at every blemish and hide my face with my fro. I'd fuss at our previous photographer to Photoshop my imperfections away as if that would help me accept the woman I saw in the mirror. I wasn't just needled by the physical but for some reason I thought if I could change the things I saw on the outside, I'd be happier inside. I wish I knew then what I know now and I could tell myself "Au contraire, my dear".
Beauty / 02.11.2015

We partnered with Frank body on this post. All opinions are true to Secrets Des Soeurs and not influenced by the brand.

Hey lovelies, we have a special beauty review for you! Frank body was kind enough to send over their line of products for us to try and introduce to you all. We have to admit that we're surprisingly obsessed! After looking up the products on their social media, I thought, "ok, another fad line takes to Instagram" but we really weren't expecting for the quality to be all that great.