#BlotsTieTheKnot, Fashion / 22.03.2017

When I told the fiancé how I was planning to style these Lace & Liberty pieces, he said he wanted to go for a darker, moodier setting. I couldn't quite grasp the concept but trust his vision so we went with it and I love it! Even though this was a bridal project, it feels nice to take a break and create some magic outside of planning our own wedding. 
Fashion / 21.03.2017

These past few weeks have been all hustle and bustle. From my birthday celebration (where I wore this dress btw) to, deciding to ending a few friendships, Slim (my cat) having babies and laborious situations I had to face with work. I haven't had much time to focus my energy on blogging. Attempting to put things back into perspective I considered what can make me feel better; clearly dressing up, throwing on a red lip and Missguided number wasn't far from thought. I snagged this dress on sale for the super low. Unfortunately, it's out of stock but I linked...

#BlotsTieTheKnot, Fashion / 20.03.2017

As a bridal model I've tried on more pretty dresses than I can remember so when I became a bride to be and started to look for my own, I went store to store and eliminated options fairly quickly because I felt that I've seen it all and pretty much knew what would and wouldn't work for me...little did I know I was wrong. When Lace & Liberty reached out for a collaboration and introduced the concept for their brand all I could say is Yaaaaasssssssss! Lace & Liberty offers the unique and luxury experience of designing your wedding look by mixing their skirts and tops without having to leave the comfort of your home.