Fashion / 29.05.2017

I wore this suit for a busy day of meetings and fitting for a charity fashion show. I wanted to wear something with personality that felt comfortable for the type of day I had planned, considering that makeup and heels were a no go for me.  Super matchy matchy is new to me but that's the fun part of styling- trying out things you wouldn't normally consider. Night shooting is also new but there's only so much daylight and I wanted to share. See you in the next post!
Fashion / 24.05.2017

Fun Fact: My mom snagged this top for her but it fit a little snug around the chest so I snagged it from her. I love that we love the same pieces and only dream of being as cool as her when I'm a mother! I had no intention of shooting this look that day and totally started off with both arms in the sleeves but when it hits 95 degrees and you have another 3 hours of work, you improvise. Sam and I met and snapped a few photos cause I can't quit ya- though I'm really over everything social...