Home Decor, Lifestyle / 24.03.2018

Figuring out how to design our apartment living space without it being crowded proved to be quite the task. I always knew I wanted to incorporate velvet seating into the space so I spent months browsing the internet to no avail. All of the velvet beauties were either too expensive and too large or the wrong color. I could tell the Hubs was getting restless when he kept asking "did you find our couch yet?" That was the one piece of furniture he needed for him to feel at home so I knew I had to find one that worked for us soon or cave in. Within a week or so I came across this curbside loveseat which the owners were getting rid of for FREE!
Fashion, Lifestyle / 25.02.2018

Sometimes life violently reminds us that nothing in the world is permanent and predictable. Comfort can become a dangerous thing because we forget how to nurture, show love and care for the people and places most meaningful to us. Sometimes our worlds are shaken up to remind us that we don't get to be mediocre. We should live both passionately and purposefully because we have now have the opportunity to do it and life mustn't be taken for granted.
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We're already 3 weeks into 2018 and I've gotten a few messages inquiring about this post. Thank you for all of the love and interest we received on our honeymoon and thank you for holding me accountable! Indonesia is seriously breathtaking and such an affordable trip to travel to and we hope these blogposts help you navigate Bali a little easier when you go. If you post pictures of any of the places I suggested, please tag us we'd love to see and stalk your instastories to live this trip all over again! Without further ado, here is the final post covering details of our trip!