Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel / 25.07.2017

I woke up with so much gratitude for the relationships I have in this life so I prayed and expressed that gratitude before getting into this post. One major blessing and one of the most important relationship I have in this life is with my sister. She has been my pain killer in life form. On days, when we can't see ourselves, we see each other. Sisterhood is truly a special kind of love. Ours is ever evolving and we weren't always close but as we matured we've learn not to treat time as unwaning and to make use of this support system that's on a tier of its own.
Travel / 05.07.2017

This is a collaboration post with Element by Westin Hotel. All opinions are our own. This past weekend we had the opportunity to stay at the ultra Modern and Pinterest worthy Element by Westin Hotel in Huntsville, Alabama. One of my girlfriends got married and I'm never not working so I brought some documents to complete a report and complete some trainings between the wedding festivities. Even though I was working (while playing) I made sure to schedule some exploration and play time with Patrice. It was a full and fun weekend but Element made it easy!
Lifestyle, Travel / 20.02.2017

About a month before Valentine's Day weekend, Sam asked me to reserve the day for him. I spent a few minutes of asking my "WH" questions to learn that he wasn't willing to give me anything but a strike in my calendar. I'm more spontaneous than a planner so waiting the day out was bearable plus it didn't immediately register to me that it was Valentine's weekend until about a week out.