Lifestyle, Travel / 20.02.2017

About a month before Valentine's Day weekend, Sam asked me to reserve the day for him. I spent a few minutes of asking my "WH" questions to learn that he wasn't willing to give me anything but a strike in my calendar. I'm more spontaneous than a planner so waiting the day out was bearable plus it didn't immediately register to me that it was Valentine's weekend until about a week out.
Travel / 25.05.2015


Hey lovelies! Happy Memorial Day! Our family decided to get away from SoCal for a bit and take advantage of the long weekend with a road trip to San Francisco. So necessary but not long enough! There are LOADS of things to do and we just didn't have enough time to do them. Regardless, we enjoyed the time we had and took plenty of time to rest, relax and bond in our hotel room. We took a million pictures and can't share them all on the gram so we decided to post them here. Details for the places we ate/visited are at the end of this post. Hope you like them and enjoy the rest of your day!

Events, Travel / 22.04.2014

Gooooooood Morning my lovelies! A long ways ago I used to attend a school in Alabama called Oakwood University. This past weekend was their Alumni weekend and I attended. It was cool, met my expectations. I got to reconnect with my old friends which was great. I wanted to find a way to share my journey with you so here's my way of taking you with me.