Youtube & Music / 20.09.2017

Good Morning lovers! Welcome back to another scoop to a dope artist that everyone needs to hear about. The first time I heard about Jason Sellers was when I attended Oakwood University. Literally everyone on campus was raving about the 911 reporters. I was never a school spirit type of gal so I didn't attend any events to hear much of their music but somehow Jason stood out in my memory.  Fast forward a few years,  his commitment to his passion and love for music still remains. Let's get to know a little more about the artist behind the sound. 
Youtube & Music / 26.06.2017

This weekend, Friday June 23 to be exact.  One of my talented friends Imani Hutton dropped her latest single called "Infinity." It's been a privilege watching her grow. Her dedication of  love and compassion to her music is a reflection of the love and compassion she gives to herself daily.  I am so excited to announce Imani is coming out with an album called "The Climb". It'll be available on August 23rd. Until then, lets learn a little about the artist behind the sound...
Healthy Living, Lifestyle, Youtube & Music / 27.02.2017

This post was done in partnership with @SudioSweden. All opinions are my own. "I love to praise your name, I love to lift you up...we bless your name *Beat drop*" Zoe Grace- Sweet Jesus (cover). This song has literally been on repeat all day for the past 3 days! It's a great thing that my new Regent headphones by Sudio Sweden offer 24 hours of battery time over Bluetooth. The crisp tones, smooth bass, effortless high notes with clean lows; are just as clear (if not better) than my last headphones by Sudio (that my dad stole borrowed from me). I love these ones even more because of how comfortable and convenient the earbuds are during all of my of my gym sessions. Sudio offers these babies in the sleekest black and gold as well as these white and gold. You can also purchase headphones caps of different prints like marble and palm, separately. For a limited time, Sudio is giving out marble and gold cases that match the caps with every purchase! So good! Because I love you I got you a discount code. Get 15% off of your purchase by using the code: THAINA15 at checkout! Happy listening :)