Fashion, Youtube & Music / 22.02.2017

Hey loves! So I don't typically match makeup with outfit, but as of recent I've been spending more time on my youtube channel. (You can watch how I created this look, here. ) Even though this was a little out the norm for me (I meannnnn, my earnings aren't studs or hoops. Definite first! ) Overall, I love how this look came together. My shoes ended up complimenting the accents of my earrings, while the jumper brought out the pop in my eyes. I mentioned last week sometime how escaping the norm can be beautiful. Now this, is an example of...

Fashion, Youtube & Music / 29.12.2015

This post was done in partnership with @SudioSweden. All opinions are my own. TM (32)Hey lovelies! When @SudioSweden contacted me to review their headphones I was like yes please and thank you. The simplicity and sleekness of their design is absolutely impeccable. They feature earbud wireless and wire headphones of different colors with gold and rose gold accents. The headphones are also equipped with a 3 button remote control and a microphone.