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Communication is key. In most relationships this is the fundamental statement that individuals hold to create a space that allows the different characters of humanity to collide. As passionate as  I am to understanding human behavior I consider myself to be very understanding. I am particular on how I deliver my messages and try to be as sensitive as possible to how the words we say may affect one another. I say all that to express that people are different. A lot of the time when someone cares about you they may feel the need to prove or become “enough” for you. But the matter of fact is that there isn’t a need for that. You are enough no matter how ugly, uncomfortable or beautiful that may be. The key is to be your truest self and allow yourself to be met exactly where you are. Express yourself, your deepest desires, the things that make you uncomfortable and the the things that make your heart throb. When someone undeniably chooses to understand you, allow them to. Don’t ever be ashamed of who you truly are. No one is perfect and everyone knows that. Real love for another can only be formed by choosing and deciding to trust God and his creation of you. If you decide to hinder or abate who he’s created you to be then you’re fooling yourself and  unfortunately creating a future of heartbreak and deceit. Is it hard? Maybe. However being as honest as possible and as true to yourself as you can be will only result in the ultimate reward. you’ll know that through everything you’ve said and done you’ve put your truest self forward and being you is always worth it in the end, despite the result of causing situations  or relationships to come to an end or be sustained.

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