Count your blessings

Although it’s important to list and number your blessings, by  count I’m specifically addressing the importance of seeing a blessing’s validity and asking yourself why it matters. I’ve been blessed to work in a position where I have direct access to children with autism. The job is quite fulfilling because you’re able to see the impact and influence your presence and work can make on a child’s life within a short period of time but lately I’ve struggled with seeing that. Feeling like my purpose is no longer being fulfilled has weighed heavy on my heart over the last few weeks and may have in turn affected my performance. I soon saw my energy decreasing and would question my abilities. I was in a rut.TM (16)

TM (22)Within the past few days I was reminded on two separate occasions how valuable  my presence in my children’s lives are. I was praised and appreciated for my efforts and impact which i felt immediately gave my day to day validity again.  I climbed out of the rut….more like I was given a hand a pulled out of it…but what if there were no one there to give me a hand?  What if no one thought to share words of approval to me?  Would that have meant that I’m not doing a good job? I think not.

TM (31)TM (19)

As I write this post I can think of a few other areas of my life that I’m hard on myself to the point of almost sacrificing the blessing. I’m realizing that if I can’t be happy with what I have, where I am and the process now, I also wouldn’t be happy with greater responsibility. I wouldn’t feel worthy of it. But I am so I must change.
TM (26)TM (8)TM (29)

As always, thank you for allowing me to reflect. Count your blessings and I will work on counting mine.

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    You are worthy!

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