Easy Stressed Jeans

Ok so boom! I thrifted these jeans and created a little project for myself. These jeans were $6 and alterations took about 20 minutes, here’s how: 

Things you’ll need:

Chalk, scissors, & tweezers.

*It helps if you have a washer and dryer but if not i’m sure you could air dry, you’ll definitely need to get a few wears out them to break them in.

Step1. CUT| Decide on a placement. Lay your jeans out on a flat surface, grab your chalk and create those lines. Lightly draw your chalk over the area of the jean you want to cut and cut it!- Start small, you don’t want to get carried away and accidentally end up with shorts. (… although, that wouldn’t be so bad).

*if you don’t have chalk, you can use a pencil. You’ll want to use something that could easily wash off before you actually decide to wear them out.

Step2. PLUCK| Once you have your lines drawn out and your jeans cut. You’ll see diagonal white and blue thread. If you want  your jeans to have the white thread connected, you’ll need to pluck the blue lines ( this is also more time consuming). If you’re like me and not as patient. Pluck the white lines, they’re easier to pluck and will allow the thread to hang as seen in my photos.

I also don’t care for the picture perfect look so once I plucked most of the thread out, I used my hands to rip through some pieces to add more oomph.

Step 3. DRY| Now this is why I recommended having a washer and dryer handy. As you complete steps 1 & 2. Step 3 basically does the rest of the work for you. Once you wash and dry your jeans it loosens and opens up your jeans up allowing them to look more authentic and ready to wear.

I decided to do the denim on denim and pair it with your everyday jean jacket. If you don’t own a denim jacket you should invest in one. They never go out of style. You can add pins and/or patches to them creating more fun and edgy looks.

Thanks for stopping by, see you in my next post. xoxo- Patrice.

Photos by: Stefanie

Details| Jeans & Jacket- Thrifted.

Bandage Bra- JCpenney.



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