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In light of World Mental Health Day, I’m bringing something new but oh so important to the blog today. This isn’t just for the fashion aficionados but for EVERYONE. Really, everyone- so grab your brother, bestie, boo thang and baby daddy to tell them about Joany is database developing an app that takes the hassle out of all things healthcare.

How many of you have questions when it comes to managing healthcare? Between getting the proper insurance to taking care of medical bills, shopping for the best and most affordable plan and finding the right doctor, I know I get confused. Most times I know I need something but I’m confused, I end up taking whatever is given to me- which doesn’t always work in my favor. Joany is a startup that created an app that is changing the game in healthcare by taking care of all your healthcare needs digitally and automatically and it’s free!

Within 5 minutes of taking a survey Joany will find your perfect match in a health care provider. They will even pull up plans that cover your medications, and let you know which health plans pay the most for those medications.

Learning about Joany was such a timely blessing to me because now that I’m leaving my job and moving to Vegas, I will no longer receive the benefits that come with working a 9-5 like being covered. With Joany, I now know my options are and can make an educated decision on how to move forward. If you currently don’t have insurance or are looking to change your current insurance to better fit your needs I urge you to fill out their 5 minute survey and earn $25 just for participating in their research study :

Here is the direct link to complete the short study:

The greatest gift you can give this world is the best version of yourself. You need you to love others, you need you to create and manifest, you need you to connect. Before you can give, take care of your mind, body and spirit. Aiight, I’m off to sleep!

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