Your “new hair” questions, answered

This year has been wildly new for me. I have never been busier and if I’m honest, I’ve had my share of “I have so much to do, I won’t do anything” days. Like most women, when I need to feel in control, I change my hair. For many, this change pairs with a breakup but for me it seems that it is anything new and unfamiliar to me- healthy stress or regular ole stress related.

I been obsessed with pixie cuts lately so I set a plan to hit up Jasmine of Jasmine Ashley Salon to get my natural hair pressed and cut shorter. When she told me it would be impossible to press the back of my hair for how short I wanted to go, she presented perm as an option and against the hardcore natural I thought I was, it was an easy “sure, lets do it.” I figured, it’s so short I could be natural again by January if I wanted to and I really need want to change my hair so I did.

So many people have asked, why such a big change so close to my wedding or why not right before my wedding…honestly, Idk. Lol but changing your hair right before your wedding never made sense to me because if you hate it, there’s no time to change it. When it comes to my hair I’ve never been calculated- if I decide I want a change, it’s happening within hours not days and I rarely consult because I enjoy the element of surprise.

Will I go natural again? More than likely. Do I feel like a traitor? Sometimes. haha. Honestly, I loved my curls, I love the natural community and I try to live a holistic, organic lifestyle so having a perm can feel like I sold out….but I LOVE my new look and at the end of the day, it is just hair. What’s the point of having it if you can’t have fun with it?

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All photos by my baby love, Samuel Blot!

  • Samuel Blot
    Posted at 20:21h, 11 September Reply

    Awesome! Next do dreads!

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