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Fashion / 29.03.2017

You know when you mess up your eyeliner so you add layers upon layers in an attempt to fix it but you end up with sharpie strokes on your face? Well, that's exactly what happened here but with the help of this shorts/dress situation I think I rocked it. I felt gone with the wind fabulous, honey! As many times as I've seen blogger shoots at this concert hall, we knew we had to come back and play after shooting a set for Lace & Liberty. We even threw a couple of flash photography shots in there for chuckles. Scroll to the bottom of this post for links to similar dress/ short items!
Fashion, Food & Health, Healthy Living / 27.03.2017

I've been off my A when it comes to food and fitness, guys. There's hard science that proves we can't work at our optimal state without fitness and a proper diet so I'm currently looking for some kind of cleanse to reset my system and get things working properly again. The first step to change is identifying the culprit so I researched foods that  slow you down and here's what I found:
#BlotsTieTheKnot, Fashion / 22.03.2017

When I told the fiancé how I was planning to style these Lace & Liberty pieces, he said he wanted to go for a darker, moodier setting. I couldn't quite grasp the concept but trust his vision so we went with it and I love it! Even though this was a bridal project, it feels nice to take a break and create some magic outside of planning our own wedding. 
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