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Fashion / 29.05.2017

I wore this suit for a busy day of meetings and fitting for a charity fashion show. I wanted to wear something with personality that felt comfortable for the type of day I had planned, considering that makeup and heels were a no go for me.  Super matchy matchy is new to me but that's the fun part of styling- trying out things you wouldn't normally consider. Night shooting is also new but there's only so much daylight and I wanted to share. See you in the next post!
Fashion / 24.05.2017

Fun Fact: My mom snagged this top for her but it fit a little snug around the chest so I snagged it from her. I love that we love the same pieces and only dream of being as cool as her when I'm a mother! I had no intention of shooting this look that day and totally started off with both arms in the sleeves but when it hits 95 degrees and you have another 3...

Fashion / 18.05.2017

These flame booties call for boldness hence my outfit which is a bit out of my comfort zone. Lately, I've been made aware of how essential being bold is to progression in life so uncomfortable is my new comfortable even if it scares the flamed boots off of me. Why wait for things to be handed to you when you can just ask and make things happen? My life looks drastically different from what it did even last year all because I've changed my mentality from waiting to doing. I currently should be preparing for a class I'm leading on domestic violence tomorrow but I wanted to pop in because I love ya. See you in the next post! 
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