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Fashion / 31.01.2017

Timeless pieces will always have a special place in my heart.  I got this dress about 7 years ago from my aunt. She was always a sucker for classic pieces but didn't care much for bling. Me on the other hand, totally here for the sparkle. When I see this dress I think; classic cars, the 50's/60's with the standard pinup girl hairstyle. Well, this is my rendition of merging the unforgettable classic era with today.  A slick pony and red lip just seemed obligatory. What are your favorite timeless pieces? Hope you enjoy! Photos by: Samuel Blot Sorry, No...

Fashion / 30.01.2017

Usually, If my skirt is over the top I'd try to tone down my top but this fringe on fringe pair just felt good. The fun thing about style is that you make the rules. My style means that I can give myself permission to trade teams whenever I feel like it, for today, over the top it is!
Fashion, Healthy Living / 24.01.2017

Sam and I watched the Netflix documentary "Minimalism" over the weekend which is a film exposing the over glorification of stuff and focusing on the important things. There were testimonies from people talking about how removing excess materialistic things from their lives has led them to better physical and mental health while enriching the relationships with people around them. It was a fascinating watch! I came home, looked around and it took everything in me not to purge most of my belongings.
Fashion / 23.01.2017

Disconnect! So this weekend, in addition to Thursday, I've been very intentional in finding a new way to focus on my inner self. Find peace from within, understand my body, the breath I take and the way air fills up my lungs as I breathe; you know, most of the things we bypass on a day to day. I found yoga, or I guess you can say re-found yoga? Anyway, since then I've felt amazing! I've disconnected with the active life that surrounds each of us and found ways to incorporate stillness, gratitude and love into my every day. This weekend I...

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