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Fashion, Youtube & Music / 22.02.2017

Hey loves! So I don't typically match makeup with outfit, but as of recent I've been spending more time on my youtube channel. (You can watch how I created this look, here. ) Even though this was a little out the norm for me (I meannnnn, my earnings aren't studs or hoops. Definite first! ) Overall, I love how this look came together. My shoes ended up complimenting the accents of my earrings, while the jumper brought out the pop in my eyes. I mentioned last week sometime how escaping the norm can be beautiful. Now this, is an example of...

Lifestyle, Travel / 20.02.2017

About a month before Valentine's Day weekend, Sam asked me to reserve the day for him. I spent a few minutes of asking my "WH" questions to learn that he wasn't willing to give me anything but a strike in my calendar. I'm more spontaneous than a planner so waiting the day out was bearable plus it didn't immediately register to me that it was Valentine's weekend until about a week out.
Fashion / 15.02.2017

Hey Loves! I hope you all had a fantastic Valentine's Day so full of love and intention. So I typically choose not to shop at the mall. However, for some reason something just told me to stop by and voila! I found this top! It totally fit my vibe and I was immediately drawn to the racer patches. No, I don't follow the Nascar series but I'd totally be down with going to a race just because. Anyway, sometimes it's beneficial to do things you normally wouldn't. Like, go to races or stop by the mall and find epic pieces. Happy Wednesday...

Fashion / 13.02.2017

This Grecian looking dress was a cheap find from forever 21.....say whhhheeettt?!? I wore it Superbowl Sunday, I wanted it to look like I tried but I mostly cared for being comfortable and wearing something forgiving of all the naughty snacks I had that day. In between shopping pre-party Sam and I stopped at this spot we thought would capture the feel of this look perfectly, I took off my shoes and we did what we do. 
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