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Fashion / 05.01.2017

If there was one piece of clothing I could wear a thousand times over, it would be the classic white oxford. This isn't one but it's a fun little spin on it. I own a few "almost but not quite" oxfords that I'll likely wear for years to come. If I was cool enough to pull off a capsule collection wardrobe, button-down shirts and blue jeans would be my little black dress. Just think of how many ways they can be worn for a different but equally chic look.  You could wear it tucked into high waisted trousers, underneath a sweater just to show off the collar, with a peek- a- boo lace bra or as a dress if it's long enough. The options are endless! I wore mine a bit sloppy for a business casual look. 
Food & Health, Healthy Living / 03.01.2017

  It's January and like everyone else, new or improved actions are in full effect. Living a healthier lifestyle will forever be a goal of mine, and until it's mastered I'll always raise the bar to challenge my body some more. I started last year in the gym 5-6 times a week with great results until the fiancé proposed and we were celebrating with food every day...and then there were the holidays. Welp. I found excuses until I lost everything I physically gained.
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