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#BlotsTieTheKnot, Fashion / 20.03.2017

As a bridal model I've tried on more pretty dresses than I can remember so when I became a bride to be and started to look for my own, I went store to store and eliminated options fairly quickly because I felt that I've seen it all and pretty much knew what would and wouldn't work for me...little did I know I was wrong. When Lace & Liberty reached out for a collaboration and introduced the concept for their brand all I could say is Yaaaaasssssssss! Lace & Liberty offers the unique and luxury experience of designing your wedding look by mixing their skirts and tops without having to leave the comfort of your home.
Fashion, Lifestyle / 15.03.2017

Warning: This isn't the post you're expecting. Sure, I can get on here and talk about the reflections and recognized growth that came with Patrice and I celebrating our birthdays but we share those reflections on here regularly. As much as I want this to be a celebratory post of how the good times are rolling, I'm moved to journal what's been heavy on my heart. 
Fashion / 08.03.2017

To be a woman.. A woman is STRONG because she has to be. Her environment motivates her, whether by words of encouragement or attitude of patronizing superiority.  A woman is KIND because she learned no act of kindness could ever be wasted. A woman GIVES because she genuinely cares without expectation. A woman is LOYAL because she knows love as she births love. A woman is SMART because she chooses to feed her mind, body and soul. A woman is UNDERSTANDING because she sees beyond the surface. A woman is PATIENT because she lived through life deciding to grow into a...

Fashion / 06.03.2017

I can't get over how bright and sunny this set came out. Mainly because believe it or not, it was raining! Yup, I sacrificed my freshly straightened hair because Sam and I were already out and had a plan. He grabbed an umbrella from the trunk to protect his camera and we proceed as scheduled. You never know what kind of beauty will come from you surrendering from what's most comfortable to stand in the rain. I hope everyone has a beautiful week! Patrice and I both have born days this week so we certainly will. Subscribe to Secrets Des Sœurs on YouTube to see Patrice's Vlog on our upcoming weekend shenanigans. Love always- Thaina
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