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Fashion / 01.03.2017

So 25, the year most feel the pressure to think of what they should or should not still be doing: So they say! I'm usually not one for keeping track of my past. However, I do make the exception around the beginning of March. I don't wallow and worry about the demands of  my future, well in this case; my age. This March I turn 25 and my spirit is so filled with appreciation. As I approach year 25 I'm most excited for more wisdom. With the blessing of every year,  I get more excited to face what I have yet...

Healthy Living, Lifestyle, Youtube & Music / 27.02.2017

This post was done in partnership with @SudioSweden. All opinions are my own. "I love to praise your name, I love to lift you up...we bless your name *Beat drop*" Zoe Grace- Sweet Jesus (cover). This song has literally been on repeat all day for the past 3 days! It's a great thing that my new Regent headphones by Sudio Sweden offer 24 hours of battery time over Bluetooth. The crisp tones, smooth bass, effortless high notes with clean lows; are just as clear (if not better) than my last headphones by Sudio (that my dad stole borrowed from me). I love these ones even more because of how comfortable and convenient the earbuds are during all of my of my gym sessions. Sudio offers these babies in the sleekest black and gold as well as these white and gold. You can also purchase headphones caps of different prints like marble and palm, separately. For a limited time, Sudio is giving out marble and gold cases that match the caps with every purchase! So good! Because I love you I got you a discount code. Get 15% off of your purchase by using the code: THAINA15 at checkout! Happy listening :)
Fashion / 23.02.2017

Hey lovelies! I feel like I've been hoarding photos because I haven't been posting regularly, as of late. These days I'm much more concerned with living off the gram but I love this blog so I'm here. I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago featuring this fuzzy fun sweater I've had since high school. *Yikes* I hope you're having a great week and will have an even better weekend!
Fashion, Youtube & Music / 22.02.2017

Hey loves! So I don't typically match makeup with outfit, but as of recent I've been spending more time on my youtube channel. (You can watch how I created this look, here. ) Even though this was a little out the norm for me (I meannnnn, my earnings aren't studs or hoops. Definite first! ) Overall, I love how this look came together. My shoes ended up complimenting the accents of my earrings, while the jumper brought out the pop in my eyes. I mentioned last week sometime how escaping the norm can be beautiful. Now this, is an example of...

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