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Lifestyle, Travel / 20.02.2017

About a month before Valentine's Day weekend, Sam asked me to reserve the day for him. I spent a few minutes of asking my "WH" questions to learn that he wasn't willing to give me anything but a strike in my calendar. I'm more spontaneous than a planner so waiting the day out was bearable plus it didn't immediately register to me that it was Valentine's weekend until about a week out.
Fashion / 15.02.2017

Hey Loves! I hope you all had a fantastic Valentine's Day so full of love and intention. So I typically choose not to shop at the mall. However, for some reason something just told me to stop by and voila! I found this top! It totally fit my vibe and I was immediately drawn to the racer patches. No, I don't follow the Nascar series but I'd totally be down with going to a race just because. Anyway, sometimes it's beneficial to do things you normally wouldn't. Like, go to races or stop by the mall and find epic pieces. Happy Wednesday...

Fashion / 13.02.2017

This Grecian looking dress was a cheap find from forever 21.....say whhhheeettt?!? I wore it Superbowl Sunday, I wanted it to look like I tried but I mostly cared for being comfortable and wearing something forgiving of all the naughty snacks I had that day. In between shopping pre-party Sam and I stopped at this spot we thought would capture the feel of this look perfectly, I took off my shoes and we did what we do. 
Fashion / 08.02.2017

As of late, I've been in this super casual mood. Like, comfort over everything. Here are some pictures Sam took capturing my comfort level on 100. Enjoy and stay inspired my loves. Have a great Wednesday, talk with you soon.  Photos by: Samuel Blot Details: Def Leppard (mens) Tee- Similar Here. | Gourmet Sneakers- Here |Jacket - Similar Here....

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