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Beauty / 12.01.2017

*SPONSORED* All thoughts are my own. First, let me start off by saying these products indeed smell heavenly.  Thai and I were sent these products by our dear friend's mother who started her very own skin care line...

Fashion / 11.01.2017

Claude Michelle did it again! This bodycon velvet dress fits snug in all the right places but the length and long sleeves deliver an element of class. I wore it to a holiday dinner and, as expected, got a bunch of comments on how beautiful it is. I always love when Claude Michelle sends over his pieces because I know he'll send over something timeless and ultra chic. Email him for custom inquiries at mrclaudemichelle@gmail.com 
Fashion / 10.01.2017

"Wanting can be done sitting on the couch with a bong in your hand and a travel magazine in your lap. Deciding means jumping in all the way, doing whatever it takes and going after your dreams with the tenacity of a dateless cheerleader a week before prom night. - You Badass|Jen Sincero I've been reading this book and with every one of her quotes,  I basically fall in love over...

Fashion / 09.01.2017

There was a time I owned one pair of sneakers. I seriously just didn't care for them, it was all heels and boots for me. Now I'm not sure if this was with or without the unsolicited help of my tired feet but sneakers are all I care for. Yesterday, I wore a pair of heeled boots to an outing and my heel broke! Luckily, it was on my way back to the car and I had a pair of sneakers to take me through the rest of the night. As I sat in my car changing my shoes I had a moment of gratitude and thought, "Ya'll are the real MVP's. I can walk, run and dance with you as long as I want. Ya'll aren't high maintenance shoes that snap whenever you feel like. Ya'll look Dope and never hurt my feet. Thank you."....you're laughing but I was dead serious and totally working on reserving heels for special events only. Happy Monday!
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