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Fashion / 16.11.2016

Fashion is a visual impression, an artist's first expression. With fast fashion being so widespread, it's so easy to end up in the same blogger look as the next girl whether it be intentional or not. Because of this, I started to get bored with blogging but I just kept going with the motions. Now that I'm more concerned with telling visual stories on this platform (as opposed to just photos showcases the look), I'm falling in love with blogging again. I hope you enjoy this set. See you in my next post!
Fashion / 14.11.2016

These pants are too cozy for comfort; old men's sweats found in the men's section of F21. I paired it with the coolest, layered asymmetrical from Zara, contrast pattern jacket from Shein and the perfect faux suede and faux leather booties from Ego Official. Clearly, i think I'm cool. 

Fashion / 09.11.2016

As much as all the chaos and disorder of recent events pains me, one thing remains the same. We must persist. We must continue to chase the best versions of ourselves. We must continue to love, live and learn regardless of the events happening around us. We must remain resilient either way.
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