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Fashion / 08.01.2017

Good morning and happy Sunday love. Today I'm sending you the "chillest" vibes because why not? It's Sunday. I've really been into neon sneakers as of late, they seem to mesh perfectly with my casual looks and I'm not mad at it. I'm a sucker for throwing on oversized big and tall tees, leggings or anything easy, breezy and comfortable, especially when I have a long day of errands to run.  So here it goes, the most inexpensive comfort for your chillest of days. I hope you enjoy! Have a great Sunday and don't forget to spend time charging up for the week. May...

Fashion / 05.01.2017

If there was one piece of clothing I could wear a thousand times over, it would be the classic white oxford. This isn't one but it's a fun little spin on it. I own a few "almost but not quite" oxfords that I'll likely wear for years to come. If I was cool enough to pull off a capsule collection wardrobe, button-down shirts and blue jeans would be my little black dress. Just think of how many ways they can be worn for a different but equally chic look.  You could wear it tucked into high waisted trousers, underneath a sweater just to show off the collar, with a peek- a- boo lace bra or as a dress if it's long enough. The options are endless! I wore mine a bit sloppy for a business casual look. 
Food & Health, Healthy Living / 03.01.2017

  It's January and like everyone else, new or improved actions are in full effect. Living a healthier lifestyle will forever be a goal of mine, and until it's mastered I'll always raise the bar to challenge my body some more. I started last year in the gym 5-6 times a week with great results until the fiancé proposed and we were celebrating with food every day...and then there were the holidays. Welp. I found excuses until I lost everything I physically gained.
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