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Fashion / 23.12.2016

OK so this post is about to get real personal, my intention isn't to advocate being "single" but to uplift those who feel, even for a moment; that they're incomplete without a companion. Including myself at times.
Fashion / 19.12.2016

This post is sponsored by Shein.com
Here's part II of my collaboration with Shein. Here's a fashion new year, new you I never thought I'd try....the pajama trend! I actually love it now, I was comfortable all day and I love how sexy this jacket and bralette combo made me feel. Are there any trends you always wanted to try but feared it wouldn't look right on you?...Go for it.
Fashion / 15.12.2016

Last weekend Thai and I had the opportunity to attend this dope event with a few other bloggers. I was able to snag this super cute "Rise Above" bomber. So fitting, I literally found the perfect bomber with the perfect message at the perfect time, and in my size. I love when the universe sends little reminders that everything is going to be okay. Sometimes, that's pretty much all I need to make my day.
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