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Fashion / 21.11.2016

I still find it bizarre that I can wear crop tops in November but whatever. If you saw me today and my look offended you, I do apologize. If you didn't see me today, be glad cause I currently look like a mad woman! I spent the entire day running around picking up stuff to decorate for my favorite time of the year. Totally worth it. What do you look forward to this holiday season?
Fashion / 18.11.2016

**This post is sponsored by JORD Good morning loves! I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Jord who specializes in these amazing wood watches. I've been in need of a trendy everyday watch so this came in at the perfect time. They have men's watches too! Click the hyperlinks to snag you one of your own.
Fashion / 16.11.2016

Fashion is a visual impression, an artist's first expression. With fast fashion being so widespread, it's so easy to end up in the same blogger look as the next girl whether it be intentional or not. Because of this, I started to get bored with blogging but I just kept going with the motions. Now that I'm more concerned with telling visual stories on this platform (as opposed to just photos showcases the look), I'm falling in love with blogging again. I hope you enjoy this set. See you in my next post!
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