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Beauty, Fashion / 05.09.2017

This year has been wildly new for me. I have never been busier and if I'm honest, I've had my share of "I have so much to do, I won't do anything" days. Like most women, when I need to feel in control, I change my hair. For many, this change pairs with a breakup but for me it seems that it is anything new and unfamiliar to me- healthy stress or regular ole stress related.
Beauty / 04.09.2017

Good morning loves! I've been dying to share this beauty tip with you. I wanted to get a really good use out of this product to share my honest thoughts and opinions before I began to rant and rave.  I've been using this rose water for a little over a month. The first day I put this product to use  I was amazed by the results. I woke up to my skin feeling so fresh, smooth and revived. I have really dry skin, this managed to moisturize and keep my skin hydrated throughout the day. I even managed to go without...

Fashion / 31.07.2017

Guuuurrrrllll, Lets just take a moment of silence for this dress though. If you haven't heard of Fame and Partners, let me put you on this perfection of a brand. Every piece is made to order and can be personalized to your needs. I'm wearing the Echo Dress from their Anti Fast Fashion shop which they provide the options to change the length, the style of sleeves, change the style of hem and the neckline. I chose to add a ruffle hem and wider neckline to mine. After being prompted for customizations, you're asked for your height and size so that your piece can be made to fit you perfectly. Shipping is free, the quality is impeccable, they have wedding styling services and just in case I haven't praised this brand enough, they make a $5 donation to a woman's empowerment charity with every sale. So yea, I'm a wee bit obsessed....
Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel / 25.07.2017

I woke up with so much gratitude for the relationships I have in this life so I prayed and expressed that gratitude before getting into this post. One major blessing and one of the most important relationship I have in this life is with my sister. She has been my pain killer in life form. On days, when we can't see ourselves, we see each other. Sisterhood is truly a special kind of love. Ours is ever evolving and we weren't always close but as we matured we've learn not to treat time as unwaning and to make use of this support system that's on a tier of its own.
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