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Fashion / 21.08.2016

Back at it again with a Portelli Collab! We're so grateful for the opportunity to reintroduce you all to Portelli Brand! We loved shooting their hats and tumblers (staples in our day to day) last year (see post here) so when they reached out to us again, of course, we were game. Their brand stands on the motto "All Family Everything" which we adore! In a world where value in what matters most is fleeting, it's refreshing to come across brands that stand firm. Thanks for being and keeping us cool, Portelli!
Fashion / 11.08.2016

Balance: an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. When we feel empty we often look for ways to be filled, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but why allow ourselves to get to that point? As great as the process of giving is, boundaries and having limitations are just as crucial. We shouldn't allow ourselves to continue to reach the point of vacancy to receive some type of replenishment. Sounds like torture, wouldn't you say?  I believe that creating a balance with everything you do: the way you spend, the people you encounter and...

Fashion / 10.08.2016

Hey lovelies, I'm writing this post later than I intended because I allowed time to escape from me. Ugh. I hate repeating that and I'm hoping this post embarrasses me enough to just do better. I procrastinate. When I create to do lists, everything else I "just have to do at this very moment" comes to mind. I'm often enticed by instant gratification but more than likely procrastinating never ends up feeling gratifying.
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