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Fashion / 02.11.2016

This is what you get post meeting, walking around fashion island, after the rain with a Fiancé photographer. I should've posted this look on Halloween, I look so "business Goth" if that's even a thing. Anyway, I hope you're having a lovely Wednesday! 
Fashion / 31.10.2016

I'm utterly obsessed with this backdrop/imagery (Go Ned!). The angular shapes, the palm trees, and pale pink colour gives all the reasons to tell I'm in some exotic location over the coast but no, it's just a college dormitory in Riverside. Nevertheless, the reality hasn't stopped me from dreaming. My truth is that I'll live a long and well-traveled life, seeing the unseen and eating fine cuisine.  My life currently is merely a necessary step in preparing me for that truth. I declare it! Until then, I'll continue on my journey to finding balance between school, work, family, friends, wedding planning and preparing for marriage with the love of my life. See you on the other side!- Thai
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