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Fashion / 25.10.2016

Tiffany the Color Master of tiffanyima.com told me that peach was my color and I just ran with it. Literally, went on a peach frenzy!  Read her post on the best colors for headshots and figuring out your undertones here. Forgive me if my entire wardrobe is soon replaced by peach and pink like hues, sorry not sorry. I'm all about flattering pieces that command presence so yes, a million times to my new favorite.
Fashion / 18.10.2016

Totally inspired by Patrice's last post, I decided to have a transparent moment with you as well. I believe in putting things out there so that you can be held accountable, grow and change. We believe whoever is reading is a loving and caring person who will read what we share, pray for us, share how you're going through or grew past similar situations and keep stretching with us.
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