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Fashion / 21.09.2016

Hey lovers! As I said in my last post, the story of Thai and Sam continues. Little did I know a few days later we'd start the next phase of our lives. This weekend we got engaged! All about the proposal and more details on our journey to now will be coming to my next post. For now, here are some photos I shot with Ned!
Fashion / 13.09.2016

Confused, angry, betrayed, hopeless, helpless, loveless....numb. Those are the very real and vivid emotions I felt on this very day last year. It was the day our 5.5-year romance ended (so we thought). It wasn't until it was over that I realized we had coasted to complacency and had set ourselves up to fail for months preceding. Issues would arise and we'd slip our concerns under the rug until we suffocated from dust bunnies. We loved each other but no longer liked each other and, eventually, we gave up on us.
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