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Fashion / 26.04.2016

TM (24)Once in a blue moon I get the urge to write poetically. I'm not claiming to be a professional or anything but if I'm going to share, I'd rather share with you. Anyway, I hope you like it...
Fashion / 20.04.2016

TM (27)This weekend Patrice, two of our girlfriends ( Mikhala and Vic Styles) and Onyx Beauty teamed up, went to Coachella and highlighted black beauties via Snapchat under the hashtag #froachella. Black girls have always attended this amazing event and we wanted girls like us to have a space where they could also have presence because we aren't represented enough. We accomplished what we set out to do there and couldn't be more proud of it! It's unfortunate that we even have to create our own platforms to support ourselves but as long as we're excluded, we'll find a space to let our beauty shine too.  
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