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Fashion / 12.04.2016

TM (11)Hey lovelies! We featured this Boston Bred designer eons ago (found here), he continued to go and perfect his craft and though he was really good before, I feel confident in saying that he has stepped his game up tremendously since then.  Patrice and I are now part of his team as his West Coast ambassadors and we're loving it! How fun is this printed custom jumpsuit?! The comfort, fit, length all perfect. Stay tuned, he's releasing his new collection soon.
Fashion / 05.04.2016

TM (6) "She woke up. With all power in her hand. More worried about her legacy. Less worried about some man. Mind full of goals. Closet full of clothes. Space in her camera roll. She was ready to take accountability for her future. And that meant that any man that couldn't love her must lose her. Because she was tired of losing her self. Tired of waiting for help. So she became her own hero." 
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