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Fashion / 03.08.2016

Yup! Feeling real bossy since buzzing off half (ok, most) of my hair. Treatments post workouts are easier, I can wash my hair in 5 mins and straightening, twisting, braiding, blow drying aren't such daunting tasks. I feel liberated, sexy, fun and free. Take risks ya'll, you never know what good may come out of it. See you lovelies in our next post!
Fashion / 03.08.2016

Hey lovelies, Few house notes: Please pardon our absence over the past few weeks. No excuse but we've been working on a few projects and we will be back to posting regularly very soon. Secondly, we're so sorry for the test drafts that were sent out to those who were subscribed via email last week while we were changing the layout. We hope you enjoy the changes we've made!
Fashion / 02.08.2016

Communication is key. In most relationships this is the fundamental statement that individuals hold to create a space that allows the different characters of humanity to collide. As passionate as  I am to understanding human behavior I consider myself to be very understanding. I am particular on how I deliver my messages and try to be as sensitive as possible to how the words we say may affect one another. I say all that to express that people are different. A lot of the time when someone cares about you they may feel the need to prove or become "enough"...

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