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Fashion / 13.09.2016

Confused, angry, betrayed, hopeless, helpless, loveless....numb. Those are the very real and vivid emotions I felt on this very day last year. It was the day our 5.5-year romance ended (so we thought). It wasn't until it was over that I realized we had coasted to complacency and had set ourselves up to fail for months preceding. Issues would arise and we'd slip our concerns under the rug until we suffocated from dust bunnies. We loved each other but no longer liked each other and, eventually, we gave up on us.
Fashion / 05.09.2016

It's that time again, school is back in session. Some of you may have already started and are getting into the groove of things. As a former student, my advice to you is to stay strong! I know how draining that student life can be and it's only that way if you allow it to be. It took me a while to realize that success and dedication all starts in your mind. Keep pushing, keep...

Fashion / 30.08.2016

I'm back to not understanding how people can sacrifice what they love, what brings them inner peace, for the grind. I mean, the grind is cool, necessary even but personally, I need balance. I caught myself slipping when it came to my fitness under the umbrella of "too busy". A few days turned into a week, a week into two and so on. With that, my body took on so much stress that I broke out with a face rash that I'm still battling to heal, I've gone through restless nights and drowsy days, headaches, and I feel physically weak. Not to mention most of my muscle definition left with my sanity. No Bueno, peeps! I'm challenging myself to get it all done...the things that make me happy and feel good all while getting ahead. Join me!
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