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Fashion / 12.07.2016

Although it's important to list and number your blessings, by  count I'm specifically addressing the importance of seeing a blessing's validity and asking yourself why it matters. I've been blessed to work in a position where I have direct access to children with autism. The job is quite fulfilling because you're able to see the impact and influence your presence and work can make on a child's life within a short period of time but lately I've struggled with seeing that. Feeling like my purpose is no longer being fulfilled has weighed heavy on my heart over the last few weeks and may have in turn affected my performance. I soon saw my energy decreasing and would question my abilities. I was in a rut.
Fashion / 21.06.2016

What inspires one to invoke change? How do you break the cycle of complacency and/or falling into the habits that keep you from living outside of the boundaries others have set for you?  In my opinion, there isn't a set answer to either of these questions but rather variables that evolve depending on the circumstances in which they are asked. In other words, keep checking, keep asking and keep testing.
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