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Fashion / 10.08.2016

Hey lovelies, I'm writing this post later than I intended because I allowed time to escape from me. Ugh. I hate repeating that and I'm hoping this post embarrasses me enough to just do better. I procrastinate. When I create to do lists, everything else I "just have to do at this very moment" comes to mind. I'm often enticed by instant gratification but more than likely procrastinating never ends up feeling gratifying.
Fashion / 05.08.2016

A few days ago I was asked "What is one thing you wouldn't change about yourself?" I literally had to sit and think. We're often asked  what it is that we would change about ourselves, therefore actually having to think about the opposite felt confound. Today I challenge you to think more about the things you love about yourself. Too often we're subconsciously reminded by society to focus on the negative. Spend today affirming yourself,...

Fashion / 03.08.2016

Yup! Feeling real bossy since buzzing off half (ok, most) of my hair. Treatments post workouts are easier, I can wash my hair in 5 mins and straightening, twisting, braiding, blow drying aren't such daunting tasks. I feel liberated, sexy, fun and free. Take risks ya'll, you never know what good may come out of it. See you lovelies in our next post!
Fashion / 03.08.2016

Hey lovelies, Few house notes: Please pardon our absence over the past few weeks. No excuse but we've been working on a few projects and we will be back to posting regularly very soon. Secondly, we're so sorry for the test drafts that were sent out to those who were subscribed via email last week while we were changing the layout. We hope you enjoy the changes we've made!
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