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Fashion / 22.03.2016

TM (24)As I was scrolling through IG, wasting time better spent on studying, I saw that Patrice posted a gram that simply said "Balance". No caption necessary because I immediately started to evaluate what it means to have it and how I can attain more of it. I've been struggling to find balance between work and play. I'm either all work, all day or play and waste the day away! I honestly don't know how you girls are able to get things done, take a breather and get right back into it. Please teach me your ways!
Fashion / 15.03.2016

Thank you to www.shein.com for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.TM (20)

We're at the annoying time of the year when mornings are super chilly but you're dripping in sweat by noon. To remedy this, layers have been my go to. Comfort is also key being that I move around so much these days, this outfit is perfect for both. I was pleasantly surprised with the comfort level of this pullover, the material is extremely soft, warm with some stretch. The quality of the fabric and texture looks far more expensive than it's price point. My only con is that the sleeve are a bit shorter than the picture, personally I was hoping for a baggier look but the sweater still wears beautifully.

Fashion / 10.03.2016

TP (3)Hey lovelies! We didn't abandon you guys, we just wanted to do a joint blog post to commemorate our birthdays this week. We're not twins, we're actually 4 years and 2 days apart, born on March 9th and March 11th. We thought, why not shoot some cute festive pictures to post the day between? We love doing things together! We appreciate you guys for giving us the platform to do so. Interestingly enough, we were scheduled to be born on the same day, four years apart. Weird huh? There are so many new and exciting changes already in play for us and we're happy to share our 24 and 28 year with you.
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