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Fashion / 24.05.2016

I wear this NikeLAb x Sacai collaboration pullover a bajillion times a week so it was only appropriate for me to blog it. I continue to die for the neon emblem, open back and lace underlay.  It's so Modern, So Feminine, So perfect!
Fashion / 17.05.2016

Welp, That didn't last long. I'm already well into rocking my box braids but my photos can't keep up with my ever evolving hair. The green pixie will be back though. See you in my next post!
Fashion / 10.05.2016

TM (16)One of the greatest pleasures of living life right now is having the ability to be a chameleon. Sometimes, I'm the life of the party other times I'm a homebody. I may be a complete health nut who prides on her food choices and fitness or I may be a couch potato. I may spend my days working, studying and chasing the grind or chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool and all shooting some b-ball outside of the school. Whatever I choose to be, I own with no apologies because it's me: a complicated and sophisticated woman who gets to choose. I urge you to live a life of no regrets, the world will always adjust! 
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