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Fashion / 28.01.2016

As my dad was flipping through the television yesterday to catch some mid- day news, we caught a fraction of a family comedy called "The Middle". The scene we saw was intended to be somewhat of a satirical one, it was hilarious, but we left with an ardent message. There was a girl in crutches, who we assumed to be trying out for a track team. She takes the track, hopping on one foot but as soon as she mumbles "I can do this. Things are starting to look up for me" it begins to rain. She advances towards the finish line but then a tractor splashes mud on her, one of her crutches break (forcing her to toss them) and then she trips, landing on her face. This poor girl is now prostrate, inching to what she thinks is the finish line for her to look up and see that she still has ways to go. She was tenacious; letting nothing stand in her way and her efforts we rewarded! She crossed the finish line and and made the team. If she can do it, why can't you?
Fashion / 19.01.2016

TM (22)A habit I aim to sire is to make better use of all I acquire. <---Yes, I'm a lyrical genius! *pats self on back*.  This change includes these boots (in ideal shape) that have been collecting dust in my closet for the past two years. Unfortunately, they are one among tons of paraphernalia I love that don't get the attention they deserve and it's all because of my nemesis, clutter. Having my eye set on too much has led me to neglect the things I love. Surely, you must have figured that I'm not just talking about clothes here.  I guess you can say, sometimes, it's paramount to just go back to the basics. Ask yourself, "what do I need?" Nurture those things and then if you desire more, treat yourself but know that everything else is excess and not a necessity.  Personally, I get bored quickly so if there is something/someone/ some place I know won't serve sustaining interest, I no longer want to entertain it. Less Clutter, More Purpose.
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