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Fashion / 18.05.2017

These flame booties call for boldness hence my outfit which is a bit out of my comfort zone. Lately, I've been made aware of how essential being bold is to progression in life so uncomfortable is my new comfortable even if it scares the flamed boots off of me. Why wait for things to be handed to you when you can just ask and make things happen? My life looks drastically different from what it did even last year all because I've changed my mentality from waiting to doing. I currently should be preparing for a class I'm leading on domestic violence tomorrow but I wanted to pop in because I love ya. See you in the next post! 
Fashion / 17.05.2017

Hey loves! I don't post much Athleisure wear here however,I've been on the move so I wanted to show you once again, how to add some cool to your comfort. I've been on the hunt to find some comfortable, cost friendly clothes that I could wear on your typical day to day. The mission ended up being successful. I was able to get this entire outfit for under $45, *raises hand* i'll take it! I decided to add some patches to this bodysuit I bought from boohoo, which actually was delivered with a hole in it; kind of upsetting but I...

Events / 14.05.2017

You make the decision to carry the weight of human life over and over again. You give, not because you want in return, but because you love freely. A burning desire to leave a legacy greater than yourself and the tools to do it twice, three times, even four times over. To all the mothers who continually raise the bar we salute you. To all the women out there who have taken others under your angel's wings as a mother, we salute you. To all the women who strive to be a part of building our next generation, we salute you. Dear mama - have a wonderful, blessed, amazing Mother's day.
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