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#BlotsTieTheKnot, Travel / 24.11.2017

Wow, quite a bit has changed over the past few months…the most important is that I married my Best friend! The weekend of our wedding was the most enchanting of our lives thus far. We invited people from every time of our lives and from all over the U.S and beyond but we wanted them to feel like family by the time of the ceremony so we planned a weekend of togetherness by the shore. By wedding day most of guests had developed bonds with new friends so the theme of love, celebration and community went beyond witnessing Sam and I exchange vows and ultimately, though there were hiccups along the way, it was perfect.
Fashion / 20.10.2017

I must apologize because I've been sitting on photos for the blog forever. Honestly, my brain power has been little to none as of lately and I've been playing catch up with my work/school/wedding to do list so slowing down for some creative personal time has been non-existent. Even as I write this, I'm thinking of all the things I need to do today and I've been feeling like that's unfair to this space. I want to offer up the best of me and write content that is meaningful to you, not just post pretty pictures but here I am creating a draft because it's been too long. Next week, I'm going to pencil in time specifically for blogging so I can start feeling connected again. What do ya'll do to slow down when life is going fast?  
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