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Fashion / 29.03.2016

TM (31)Spring is here which means summer is swiftly approaching. Ayyyee!!! I'm sorry but I have nothing incredibly moving to share with you today being that my mind is already on vacation. Hopefully, not for too long because my next class starts on Monday! It's also the end of the month which means I'm putting in extra time at work to make up for all the days my little babies were sick....but I can't think! Sigh....Focus, Thai. Anyway, my goal is to work hard enough to earn my play time this summer. Do you have any travelling plans for bikini season? Where are you going and can I come with you? 
Fashion / 22.03.2016

TM (24)As I was scrolling through IG, wasting time better spent on studying, I saw that Patrice posted a gram that simply said "Balance". No caption necessary because I immediately started to evaluate what it means to have it and how I can attain more of it. I've been struggling to find balance between work and play. I'm either all work, all day or play and waste the day away! I honestly don't know how you girls are able to get things done, take a breather and get right back into it. Please teach me your ways!
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