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Fashion / 24.11.2015

TM (1)The year is coming to a close which means a few things for most people. We have those who are filled with regret for all that should've, could've, would've gotten done but didn't. If that sounds all too familiar you're likely to also be stressed about spending money you don't have on gifts that will be quickly forgotten or Black Friday shopping ( a gimmick, may I add) to get all the things you "needed" year round.  Being one of these people during this season, sucks. It's stressful and tiring. I know because I've been there. If this is you, it's not too late to turn things around! 
Fashion / 22.11.2015

20151114_1073When in doubt, throw on one piece. <--- Sorry lovelies but that is the biggest statement I'll leave in this post as I am  currently a victim of the weekend brain fart. I just want to meal prep, decorate, chill and eat delicious but horrible foods (outside of what I prepped), all day. Thanksgiving Day can't come soon enough!
Fashion / 17.11.2015

TM (15)Where in the world did respect for fellow man go?  What is it that allowed our hearts to be filled with so much hate for anyone different than us that we're driven to demonize and destroy them? The bare minimum we can be is tolerant of the beauty that comes in diversity. Diversity is human, hate for that gift is not. All of the hashtags, shootings, the news, the helpless feeling in my gut and the fear of simply being have all grown old and tiring. I'm hesitant to think or say too much or anything at all in regards to the recent events because quite frankly, its enough to make one hysterical. Do whatever it is that you need to do to find solace and live the best life you can despite the ruthless world around you. Find ways to make an impact in your home, in your communities, at your workplace: anything counts. Pray everyday. Give peace a chance. Lets make this world colorful again.
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