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Fashion / 16.02.2016

I'm obsessed with a good plunge neckline. Heck, I'm a sucker for a plunge back too! My excuse for wearing what I want is that my humble breasts and baby cakes keep me modest. I believe it is much easier to get past the side eye of those wanting to pass judgement, if you are slim. My excuse has nothing to do with the reaction of others because I still get pulled aside by people wanting to tell me what I should wear but I digress. What really sucks is that I know if I was curvy, every once in a while, I'd want to flaunt that too! I salute those who are comfortable enough with who they are to wear what makes them feel beautiful despite what others think. (Here's the kicker): Yet, there's still a part of me that feels a certain amount of discretion should be used in certain environments. Basically, there's a time and place for everything.
Fashion / 09.02.2016

My tan lines from the 4 grueling hours of finishing the Spartan (Super) Race are absolutely ridiculous! As you can see from these snaps of my bare shoulders, these sun deposited lines just won't budge! More about my experience as a Spartan in a post soon to come. I've been wearing a lot of red lately. No gentleman or valentine this season but ironically, very much feeling the love. I've always been blessed with phenomenal family and friends who fortunately, see that I never experience life without it. But the type of love I'm referencing feels different.  It isn't expressed in the same capacity I'm used to, it is found in things that are both great and small, it isn't reserved for a particular person or thing: this love has a different depth and a greater intensity. It's freakin bold!
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