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Fashion / 10.11.2015

TM (13)Serendipity: a fortunate stroke of events that come with an element of surprise. We live for those moments and the adrenaline rush met by holding your child for the first time,  learning that your long time crush likes you too,  rekindling a once lost friendship, a warm hello from someone new or even as simple as hearing one of your favorite songs.  Its in the times that you realize you wouldn't experience this "luck" if you weren't in the right place at the right time with the right circumstances.
Fashion / 03.11.2015

IMG_9594I miss my spontaneity, my care free spirit, and my que sera sera approach to life. Not that I was ever incredibly reckless but for me, less stress meant more laughs and I was better for it. I used to be the girl who smiles too much...whatever the hell that means. I allowed others to tell me that my perpetual joy was a weakness; that it meant I was naive, gullible and that it made me seem overly flirtatious.  Eventually, I thought, "I should toughen up" but in the process I lost myself.
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