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Fashion / 10.03.2016

TP (3)Hey lovelies! We didn't abandon you guys, we just wanted to do a joint blog post to commemorate our birthdays this week. We're not twins, we're actually 4 years and 2 days apart, born on March 9th and March 11th. We thought, why not shoot some cute festive pictures to post the day between? We love doing things together! We appreciate you guys for giving us the platform to do so. Interestingly enough, we were scheduled to be born on the same day, four years apart. Weird huh? There are so many new and exciting changes already in play for us and we're happy to share our 24 and 28 year with you.
Fashion / 04.03.2016

PM (10)Sorry loves I've been super busy and couldn't post yesterday. I don't have much to say, but I do want to share an encouraging thought I stumbled upon this week. "Give yourself a break, give yourself credit, give yourself time, give yourself attention, give yourself love, give yourself power, give yourself to YOU". Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to self love this weekend. 😘✌🏾️
Fashion / 01.03.2016

People don't love anymore. I'm not talking about the familial, habitual, operant conditioned or the "you're cute and do nice stuff for me" kind of love. I'm talking about caring for your neighbor's affairs and well being when they have shown and given you absolutely nothing. I'm talking about respect for humans because you're human. People have their squad, protect their own and tell everyone else to get lost. Our hearts have become hard, maybe from being burned too many times, maybe because we just don't care. Christians have become selective and sometimes routine with their prayers if they even pray at all. What am becoming to realize is that existing in a community, system, world means that we are directly impacted by the others existing in the same system even if they aren't our friends, family or lovers.
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