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Fashion / 20.10.2015

TM (25)Have you ever met someone with such high vibrations that their energy rubs off on you?  The same result can come from people of low vibrations but let's focus on the positive for the sake of this post. I've been blessed to come across a few of these remarkable beings, one in particular that easily makes me smile and often by simply sharing a smile. Experiencing this exchange as often as I do got me thinking "What is behind the smile? Why does it make us feel the way we do? What are the short and long term effects of smiling?" I had some ideas, as I'm sure you do, but I decided to do some research on it and thought I should share.
Fashion / 15.10.2015

PM (1) Hello Beautiful Readers! I hope everyone is having a fantastic week thus far, by the way... *Confession*  I completely failed at the gallon a day thing lol... how'd you  guys do? ...I hope well. Anyway, if you're like me and completely suck at drinking water,NO worries, we can do better next week. It's never too late to  pick up good habits.
Fashion / 13.10.2015

IMG_0658I've been dealing with some pent up frustration because I've recently learned of how someone I was once close to, used me...relentlessly and in more ways than one.  When you love someone, you give, so for a long time I didn't even realize that I was being taken for granted. The only reason I learned the truth was because of the things said behind my back while I was still being used. It's a strange place to be in when you think you know someone so well but life is full of surprises.
Fashion / 08.10.2015

Good Morning loves, This week I wanted to talk about something I could learn from and also relate to. I've been struggling with anxiety for a while now.  I never tried to medically treat it, I just thought to pray, challenge myself and take controlled deep breaths. Even though this has been working for me for years (I mean, i'm 23).  I would still like to
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