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Fashion / 19.01.2016

TM (22)A habit I aim to sire is to make better use of all I acquire. <---Yes, I'm a lyrical genius! *pats self on back*.  This change includes these boots (in ideal shape) that have been collecting dust in my closet for the past two years. Unfortunately, they are one among tons of paraphernalia I love that don't get the attention they deserve and it's all because of my nemesis, clutter. Having my eye set on too much has led me to neglect the things I love. Surely, you must have figured that I'm not just talking about clothes here.  I guess you can say, sometimes, it's paramount to just go back to the basics. Ask yourself, "what do I need?" Nurture those things and then if you desire more, treat yourself but know that everything else is excess and not a necessity.  Personally, I get bored quickly so if there is something/someone/ some place I know won't serve sustaining interest, I no longer want to entertain it. Less Clutter, More Purpose.
Fashion / 17.01.2016

TP (8)When Peter from @thesongbag reached out to us for a collaboration, we thought "Sure. We're certainly musically inept but we have a perpetual appreciation for the art so why not?" Upon receiving the bags we thought these bags were meant for the ultimate cool girl/hipster (best paired with leather boots and a motor jacket or shoeless at a Music Fest in a Bohemian dress; pick your potion) Ultimately, we adore the brand for being environmentally conscious and using authentic vintage records in creating these handmade beauties.  Check them out here --> www.thesongbag.com  and on Instagram @thesongbag Happy Shopping!
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