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Fashion / 12.01.2016

TM (1)One word: Grind. Please forgive me but I'm rushing to get started on an essay before heading to work. Really need to master the art of time management. See you lovers in my next post! 
Fashion / 05.01.2016

TM (30)Sweet 16, that is 2016, you're already oh, so beautiful. There has been countless mini and macro moments of 2015 that conspired together leading up to now in perfect timing. I can see it clearer than I've seen anything before and I cannot express enough gratitude for that vision. This insight has taught me to indulge in my wonders like no one is watching. Why? Because it feels so good to pick up a pencil and sketch again, exhilarating to make plans on how I'll travel despite the numbers in my bank account, to dance with no rhythm, to challenge myself and go back to school even though I once thought that I wasn't the "school type". It feels great to flirt with that guy I can't have (at least for now). I'm finally living and it didn't happen until I stopped caring about the judgments of those around me. It happened when I decided that I'd be anything and everything that makes me happy.

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