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Fashion / 03.09.2015

Standby Retro-5058

Hi love, I hope you're having a fantastic week. You all may be thinking "I didn't know she wore glasses". I don't,  I bought these to use as a prop for a "Back to school Makeup Tutorial" on youtube. However, I never got around to it so I decided to dress the part instead. Here's my attempt at a fun/ prep back to school look.

Fashion / 01.09.2015

redkitty-4504I'm making good use of my crop tops while I still can. To be totally honest, I'm ready to retire them though, maybe just for fall, maybe until next spring, maybe forever. Who knows? I'm constantly changing my mind about the clothing into. That's one of the greatest things about style, its yours so you can do what you want with it. Thanks for reading lovelies!
Fashion / 30.08.2015

steampunk-3474This is what you get when you have three  creatives  bored at home on a Saturday night. This shoot was so random but so much fun! We hope you like it and thanks for reading! 
Fashion / 27.08.2015

Going Up-2416 My loves! I hope everyone's been in good spirits this week. For this look I wanted to rock something casual with a little edge. I wanted to create a look that could transfer from day to night.  The elasticity in this denim dress ( Dress- Forever21)  serves for comfortability to last all day, the heels, lips and choker add the edge.  Note: If you plan to wear this all day, be sure to grab a pair of flats. Thanks again for stopping by, we appreciate you.  Enjoy! :)
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