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Fashion, Youtube & Music / 29.12.2015

This post was done in partnership with @SudioSweden. All opinions are my own. TM (32)Hey lovelies! When @SudioSweden contacted me to review their headphones I was like yes please and thank you. The simplicity and sleekness of their design is absolutely impeccable. They feature earbud wireless and wire headphones of different colors with gold and rose gold accents. The headphones are also equipped with a 3 button remote control and a microphone.

Fashion / 22.12.2015

TM (32)I've been staring at this blank text box for the last half hour because my brain is currently on autopilot. With 9 days left of the year all I want to do is sleep, eat and be merry with my family. Of course, just until the new year when I have to wake up and give this thing called life another shot.  It's kind of ridiculous how every January 1st marks a 2nd, 3rd, 45th chance for us- as if chances to start over are granted then and only then. I'm sorry if I keep talking about 2016, regardless of my habitual disposition, I'm excited for it! Forget the whole gift giving exchange aspect of Christmas, as cheesy as it sounds, I already have everything I want. It's time to focus on being everything that I want to be. As should you....right after these 9 days of slumber. lol 
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