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Fashion / 30.08.2015

steampunk-3474This is what you get when you have three  creatives  bored at home on a Saturday night. This shoot was so random but so much fun! We hope you like it and thanks for reading! 
Fashion / 27.08.2015

Going Up-2416 My loves! I hope everyone's been in good spirits this week. For this look I wanted to rock something casual with a little edge. I wanted to create a look that could transfer from day to night.  The elasticity in this denim dress ( Dress- Forever21)  serves for comfortability to last all day, the heels, lips and choker add the edge.  Note: If you plan to wear this all day, be sure to grab a pair of flats. Thanks again for stopping by, we appreciate you.  Enjoy! :)
Fashion / 25.08.2015

Flower Factory-1971Love this Floral C/meo the label dress! This is my 3rd time shooting it for the blog, the first two times were ultimate fails.  It happens sometimes!The wind gave us a run for our money  round 3 (hence all of the hand in hair shots) but we worked it out.  Can't wait to layer it with tights and block heels in the fall. Who's over summer? I certainly am. Bring on the layers!
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