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Fashion / 24.06.2015

patchwork-9968 Hey lovelies! I've been extremely lazy with my outfits this week. Basic tops, yoga pants and a top bun. Too hot and too tired to care so trust me when I say that putting on even the lowest of heels was "stepping out" for me. 
Beauty / 23.06.2015



Welcome to our first post of our beauty series. Today i'll be giving you easy homemade tips to treat your skin. Upon waking up to a face full of random dry breakouts I decided to take action and surf the web. I looked up a few homemade masks and stumbled upon some I liked. Here are a few:

Healthy Living, In the Kitchen / 22.06.2015

homemade granola -For about a month now I've prepped my meals as consistently as my schedule allows in order to ensure clean, balanced meals and I've decided to share a few of my recipes with you. I use recipe in a vague sense of the word being that I'm Haitian and we don't measure anything. A good eye capped with some trial and error is more my speed but I do have some  guesstimates along with an ingredient list for you.
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