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Fashion / 13.08.2015

what 2 do-0397

So much happened this week, I feel like it just flew by.  This morning I woke up  wanting to crawl right back in bed.  30 minutes after hitting the snooze button I finally decided to get up and face my day. My outfit intentions were to be  casual/comfortable... but cute! I hope I pulled it off and inspired you for your days that mimic mine. 
Fashion / 11.08.2015

riverside-9302I literally wore this beauty for the 25 minutes it took to shoot it and then changed to head to the gym. That's right, I got dressed just for you because I love you guys!  Contrary to what my Instagram page may lead you to believe, I'm actually grinding in gym clothes more  often then not. If you follow me on Snapchat, you know! Follow me @ThainaMadere See you soon...
Fashion / 09.08.2015

karz-2-13Patrice mentioned a few posts ago that we were blessed to get brand new cars! Lightning (hers) and Thunder (mine) are humble Honda Civics: they're super cute and suit us perfectly! We thought what better way to share said blessings then to infuse them into a fashion post! We hope you enjoy!
Fashion / 06.08.2015

cloc-8954 Good Morning loves, I hope you enjoy this new edit. My days got mushed together this week and I didn't realize I needed to shoot. So I guess you can call this the result of my procrastination. Every time I look at these pictures I want to sing Chris De Burgh- Lady In Red , hence where I got the title. . You should definitely take a listen, its such a beautiful song. Anyway, let me know what you think about the edit.  Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic day my loves!

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