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Fashion / 22.09.2015

IMG_9086*Steps on soapbox* There are some huge changes going on in my life right now. Some good, some bad, some ugly and some beautiful. Chaos is what I call it, we're all a little bit familiar with it. My emotions have been running haywire and it is a daily struggle figuring out how to deal with the cards I've been given. From what I've been told you cant tell by looking at me and my social media outlets (unless you follow me on Snapchat, they always know whats up).  That is a statement that often bothers me because I  don't understand why it needs to.
Fashion / 06.09.2015

Portelli-5420We're excited to share with you  a cool, up and coming brand that prides itself on core values such a family; one we're are very passionate  about ourselves. Their designs are fun and will keep you looking stylish when you're out and about. We plan on sporting our caps and tumblers on our hiking trips, beach trips, and workouts! Shop yours at www.portellibrand.com and use the code SOEURS at checkout to receive 20% off of the site including sale items! 
Fashion / 03.09.2015

Standby Retro-5058

Hi love, I hope you're having a fantastic week. You all may be thinking "I didn't know she wore glasses". I don't,  I bought these to use as a prop for a "Back to school Makeup Tutorial" on youtube. However, I never got around to it so I decided to dress the part instead. Here's my attempt at a fun/ prep back to school look.

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