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Fashion / 04.08.2015

red-8641Katie Judith is a highly trendy brand that could be found on the streets of Hong Kong but I haven't found a store that sells the brand in the US.  When I found this eggshell mesh beauty made from said designer in major thrift shop, Out of the closet, I was obliged to make it mine and feed my unwaning affinity for white crochet/mesh/ see through tops. Her pieces can be admired here! Super cool stuff, love bugs!  See you in my next post!
Fashion / 30.07.2015


Hey loves, ok so lets talk hair. I've been struggling to grow my hair out for months and nada... It's just stagnant. I'll be honest and say I didn't do such a great job with braiding my hair every night for the following morning "I put in work to wake up like this" braid-out. I left my hair pineapple'd for days at a time and tried to salvage my 3 day old bun. I'm just not used to putting in so much work to grow my hair. Usually it just flourishes with no problem; I don't know what it is about year 2015, but it just wont let my hair prosper. Anyway I'm trying out these low maintenance chunky braids for protective styling and hopefully, hair growth. Pray I see some progress ya'll! I have faith, God restores!

Fashion / 28.07.2015

jungle-5681I scored this sweet Palm Print Dress for $4 dollars at H&M during their Independence day sale! I couldn't believe the price tag but I brought it to the register anyway and they actually let me leave the store with it for basically nothing. Who doesn't love a great sale?! 
Fashion / 23.07.2015

ONCE-6726 There are just some pieces that will never go out of style. This look was inspired by the era of classic cars, red lips, whisky and that good ol' jazz music. Some of what we may now call  "vintage". I have a few "aged in beauty" (thats what I like to call it) numbers that I take out to play every once and again and here is one of them. There wont be outfit details for this look because it was thrifted. However, I do hope I inspired you to stop by your closest boutique and find a couple "aged in beauty" pieces to call your own.  Thanks for reading, see you soon.
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