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Youtube & Music / 20.09.2017

Good Morning lovers! Welcome back to another scoop to a dope artist that everyone needs to hear about. The first time I heard about Jason Sellers was when I attended Oakwood University. Literally everyone on campus was raving about the 911 reporters. I was never a school spirit type of gal so I didn't attend any events to hear much of their music but somehow Jason stood out in my memory.  Fast forward a few years,  his commitment to his passion and love for music still remains. Let's get to know a little more about the artist behind the sound. 
Fashion / 11.09.2017

When it comes to personal style, I'm more likely to go with effortlessly chic than to rock an outfit full of layers. As much as I appreciate a well thought out outfit, being on the go means I need to get out the door as quickly as possible without having to sacrifice style.  Insert my need for all things dresses, jumpsuits and rompers here ______. Seriously, these pieces will forever fill my closet because they are so convenient! I've spent the last few weeks of summer getting wear out of my favorite rompers including this one, in preparation of the weather schizophrenia soon to come. I've also linked some other rompers I'm loving at the moment. My half birthday just past so feel free to shop and send them my way :) or keep them for yourself or whatever!
Beauty, Fashion / 05.09.2017

This year has been wildly new for me. I have never been busier and if I'm honest, I've had my share of "I have so much to do, I won't do anything" days. Like most women, when I need to feel in control, I change my hair. For many, this change pairs with a breakup but for me it seems that it is anything new and unfamiliar to me- healthy stress or regular ole stress related.
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