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Fashion / 22.07.2015

plows-5888 This week we've been extremely blessed, let me tell you what God did. Through what seemed to be a tough storm he stepped in (like BAM) and showed us who's boss . We both got brand spankin new 2015 cars. We'll have a post telling you more about it soon, but for now lets just have this Praise Break together.  Thank you always for being a part of our journey. We love you and thanks for reading. 
Beauty, Makeup / 17.07.2015

T Found-4963I’m no makeup guru (although I do admire their craft) but I do like to polish my look so I try my best. I have been looking for a simple regimen to take to when Patrice isn’t available to whip my face into shape. As a former drugstore foundation girl looking to better her skin, I wanted something sheer and lightweight to keep my pores from clogging. I also wanted something formulated with better, healthier and more natural ingredients so that exactly what I told the makeup girls at Sephora.
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