Fashion / 14.02.2015

rose is a rose-17 Happy Valentines Day! I'm not the biggest fan of roses but they make for pretty pictures and this dress was too perfect for me not to spend the day in. My handsome man was gracious enough to let me steal some of his planned time for blog photos. I hope you enjoy them!
Fashion / 12.02.2015

Greek-4 Adiabatic Process- Any process where there is no heat added or taken away from the system. This week in physics class we've been studying the Adiabatic  Process, To achieve this process you must thermally insulate a system from its surroundings.  As I related this to  life examples, to better understand,  I recognized  how much we need external forces aka others or influences  for personal growth.
Fashion / 08.02.2015


This rain has me ALL up in my thoughts so I’ve decided to get a little personal with you today if you don’t mind…. A woman. What does she look like? How is she to act? Think? This doesn’t have a black or white answer and everyone has a different opinion about it, but my opinion (in a nutshell) is this:
Fashion / 05.02.2015

Sometime during this week I  found myself apologizing for who I am.  After some thought  I realized; I never have to apologize for what makes me. In this world we've been taught  "we have to impress others to be liked".  But really, I found that being confident and comfortable with who you are works out best.  A while ago someone once told me if you don't  take control of who you are  someone  else will try and take control  of you.  For the remaining of the week I want to challenge you to focus on the BEaUty in you.

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