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Fashion / 13.06.2015

offroad-7740 All we're missing are mango trees and tap tap busses. These pictures look as tropical as the weather has been. So Cal has been bouncing around the 100's all week. I definitely had a nostalgic Haiti moment  while baking away in the sun. I hope you enjoy these outfits as much as we enjoyed putting them together. 
Fashion / 12.06.2015

Obilisk-7517   Today has been rough and I've been feeling  a bit under the weather.   Despite it all, I wanted to be sure I got a post up today. I hope you enjoy this post, playsuit and your weekend.  Thanks for stopping by and forgive me for robbing you of pictures today.
Fashion / 09.06.2015

fancy pants-7357Sequins are best worn in the daytime because they shine brighter in the sun and whoever said they're reserved for special events was also sadly mistaken. Rules are meant to be broken, have a little fun with your wardrobe!
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